AC Installation

AC Installation

New AC Installation

You will find that your new air conditioning installation is only as good as the company’s quality that shows up to perform the job.  Rice Heating and Air offer a reliable solution with fully trained technicians so you can be assured your new unit will be running at peak performance. We have all the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills to provide the best air conditioning installation for your home or office.

To ensure we have the proper air conditioning system that will fit your needs, we offer in-home or in-office analysis and an estimate to aid you in your purchasing decision.  We can help advise you of the best way to maximize your new air conditioning system for efficiency and performance.  The proper system for your needs and installing that system are critical to energy efficiency and cooling comfort.

A competent air conditioning company will also know that certain factors need to be considered when installing air conditioners in your home or office. It’s vital to design a solution that ensures maximum output with even airflow is achieved in every room. Less experienced providers often do not fully consider the place’s shape and layout to be cooled, resulting in some rooms receiving a much heavier or lighter airflow than others. It is not uncommon to find that one room is too cold while another room is too hot with a poorly designed system.

How Do I Know I Need a New Air Conditioner?

One of the biggest challenges property owners face with an older air conditioning system is knowing when to repair or replace the equipment.  Typically, the older the equipment is, the higher the probability of it needing replacement; however, there are certain instances when a repair is a good option.  If you are not quite sure which is best for you, here are some things you might want to consider:

Our team of professionals can walk through this conversation with you and help determine if it is more economically feasible to replace your system or make a repair.  Our well-educated staff will help you become a well-informed customer regarding all of your air conditioning system options.  You will be well aware of what a new system will provide for you versus sticking it out with your current setup.  In the end, you will be confident you have made the right choice when it comes time for your new air conditioning installation.